Becoming a Site

We are excited to be working with Durham County's Local Government, Durham’s Partnership for Children, Durham Public Schools, Durham Head Start and numerous other community partners to expand access to high-quality preschool classrooms to Durham’s four-year-olds.

As part of the new Durham PreK investments, Durham will:

  • improve quality in preschool programs by funding a variety of quality improvement activities, including paying for coaching and professional development for teachers;
  • support higher wages and compensation for those teachers by paying higher reimbursement rates than currently available for NC Pre-K;
  • expand access for four-year-old children by paying for new spaces and by increasing eligibility guidelines to include most families; and
  • offer a mixed-delivery system of preschool for four-year-olds by partnering with high-quality child care programs in the community, Durham Public Schools and Head Start.

Becoming a Durham PreK Site

How do you become a Durham PreK Site?

The 2020-2022 NC Pre-K and Durham PreK RFA is now closed. You can find the Archived NC Pre-K Application and the Durham PreK Application Addendum below.

How are classrooms chosen?

A nonconflicting committee reviews all submitted applications using a scoring rubric based on NC Pre-K Standards and Durham PreK Standards and Policies.


UPDATE: The Durham PreK Governance Committee voted on August 19, 2021 to waive parent fees for the 2021-2022 school year. The Durham PreK Application is still open! Click here to access the application information and materials.