Family Resources for the New School Year

August 4, 2021

The new school year has begun, and we want to welcome you to the start of your pre-K experience in Durham. We are so excited to have you become part of our program, and we know your teachers are excited to get to know you and your family!

School Year Resources

Here are a few resources that may be helpful throughout the school year.

Before and After School Care

Before and After Care hours and fees for the 2021-2022 school year are included on the Site Locations page under each site that currently plans to offer before and after care hours.  You can also click this post to see a list of all before and after care hours and fees that are currently available.

Additional Child Care Needs

Choosing the best program for your child can be a difficult decision—there are so many things to consider. Child Care Referral Central (CCRC) can help make your decision easier. See a list of N.C. counties served, take a look at our referral policies, know the difference between regulated and unregulated care or review the steps to finding child care.

Governance Committee

The Durham PreK Governance Committee serves to provide vision and direction to the Durham County preschool expansion effort. View this page to read more about the work of the Governance Committee, see past meeting agendas and notes, and find information about upcoming meetings.

Quality Subcommittee

The Quality Subcommittee for Durham PreK is a content-specific advisory committee established by the program's Governance Committee that studies the latest research and reviews program needs to develop quality standards and policies. The quality recommendations from Durham's Community Early Education/Preschool Task Force report form the foundation of this subcommittee's work.

Family Resources Page

This page serves to connect Durham County community members with local and national organizations primarily focused on early childhood and family wellness. Below you will find resources for pre-K applications in Durham, family mental health, parenting, developmental concerns, literacy support and more!


You can find some FAQs below, or you can check out our full FAQ

What will my child learn in pre-K?

Check out our "Why Pre-K?" page to learn about how pre-K is beneficial for children, families, and the community, and what to expect your child to learn.

In Durham PreK classes, we support play-based learning, social emotional development, relationship building, and practicing foundational academic skills.

How can I contact my child's site?

You should be contacted by your child's pre-K site before the school year begins, and you may also be sent or given a welcome packet from your site. If not, you can find contact information on the "Site Locations" page.

If you have tried contacting your site and cannot get in touch with them, you can reach us at and we can help connect you.

Why did Durham County invest in Durham PreK?

Durham County believes in high-quality early childhood experiences for all 4-year-olds, and investing in Durham PreK expands access and enhances the quality of local pre-K seats. You can learn more about Durham's invest here.

Opportunities for Parents and Families

One aspect of high-quality early education Durham PreK values is family engagement. When parents and families are involved in their child's school environment, students are more likely to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally (Office of Early Childhood Development). This will also help build relationships between your family and your child's teacher, teacher assistant, and director.

Joyce Epstein's Framework of Six Types of Involvement outlines the different ways in which schools and families can work together in children's learning. The six types include:

  • Parenting - Families and school staff work together to support positive learning environments at home.
  • Communicating - Families and school staff work together on effective forms of communication
  • Volunteering - Families and school staff work together to identify volunteer opportunities in the school.
  • Learning at Home - Families and school staff work together to incorporate school lessons into home learning, as well.
  • Decision-making - Families are encouraged to participate in school decisions, attend leadership development opportunities, and serve as family representatives.
  • Collaborating with Community - Families and school staff work together to identify resources in the community that would be helpful for families at the school.

More on Family Engagement

Click each section for more information and examples of how they can be incorporated into your child's pre-K site!

Thank you for choosing Durham PreK for your child's pre-K experience! Please let us know if you have any stories to share (we may feature you in a blog post or a newsletter!), concerns you may have, or if you're in need of a resource we can connect with for you.