2020-2021 Durham PreK Parent FAQs
If I submit a Universal PreK applicaon, where will my child be placed?

PreK classrooms in Durham are supported by a mix of programs, including NC
Pre-K, Head Start, Durham Public Schools, and Durham PreK. Participating PreK classrooms may be in a public school setting, a Head Start facility, or at a private child care facility that meets certain quality standards. Some facilities will have seats from only one of these programs, others will have a mix of seats. Every child with a Universal PreK application will receive a developmental screening. The results of the screening, general program eligibility, parent preference, and distance from home are all taken into consideration during the placement process.

What if my child is placed in a facility that was not my preference?
You may find it helpful to contact the director of that facility for a tour before deciding on a placement offer. If for any reason you do not wish to accept placement at a particular location, you may ask to remain on the waiting list for other programs. If toward the end of the placement process unfilled seats remain in a preferred facility, you may be contacted about placement, though there is never a guarantee of a second offer or a preferred placement.

What is the PreK calendar and schedule?
Most Durham PreK classrooms follow the Durham Public Schools Traditional Calendar, with the exception of Holt Elementary and Pearsontown Elementary that operate on the Durham Public Schools Year Round Calendar. Both calendars are available under Family Resources.

What if I need more than 6.5 hours of care each day?
Care outside the PreK day is called wrap around care. Wrap around care is a separate service from PreK and is neither guaranteed at every facility nor free. Individual PreK providers will determine whether they have the staffing to host wrap around care and for what hours. Families should ask the facility where they are placed whether wrap around care is an op on and, if so, make wrap around care arrangements with that facility. Vouchers and Scholarships can sometimes help to cover wrap around care costs for qualifying families, but eligibility for these services is not guaranteed or universally applicable to all types of PreK.

Who is eligible to apply for PreK in Durham?
Any family living in Durham County with a child who will be 4 by August 31st of the PreK year is eligible to apply. Eligibility for PreK services in Durham is not limited by income.

Is there any cost to my family for PreK participation?
For most families, preschool services will be free. Families with incomes at or above 400% of the current year's Federal Poverty Level (FPL) will contribute monthly parent fees based on income and family size. To determine whether and what your monthly parent fee might be, find your family size and your gross annual income (income before taxes) in the income table. If your gross annual income falls under 400% FPL, you will have no monthly parent fee. If your gross annual income falls at or above 400% FPL, simply divide your gross annual income by 12 to determine monthly income, and mul ply your monthly income by 4% (.04) to determine your monthly parent fee. A family of any size with a gross annual income of $375,000 or higher is s ll eligible, but will be assigned a monthly parent fee of $1,250, which matches the maximum monthly cost of each Durham PreK seat. Please note that Federal Poverty Level changes annually and can be referenced at Cps://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty-guidelines.

Where do I sign up?
You can download the Universal PreK application and get more program and contact information by visiting durhamprek.org or calling 1-833-PREK-EDU.

The Universal Pre-K Application for the 2021-22 school year will open in FEBRUARY 2021. For more information, visit the Enrollment page. To be notified when the application is available, fill out an interest form here.