Directed Drawing

April 27, 2020

Welcome to Week 3 of Learning at Home with Durham PreK! Thanks for tuning in with us, we are so excited to continue learning with you. Today’s activity is a directed drawing from Mrs. Morgan Falcone at Creative Schools at Davis Park. She listed the steps to drawing the famous pigeon from Mo Willems’ books!…

How to Make Lemonade

April 24, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! Join us on IGTV to see Mrs. Pebbles Lucas make lemonade at home! Lemonade Video How to Make Lemonade Ingredients & Materials: Lemons Sugar – any kind Ice Water Pitcher or Cups Spoon to mix Knife (parents or adults only!)   Steps: Wash your hands. Take your lemon and roll it on…

Hand Games

April 22, 2020

Happy Wednesday! Thanks for joining us today for #LearningatHomewithDurhamPreK! Today’s lesson includes a few hand games and rhymes you can play at home. Thank you Ms. Jennifer! IGTV Video

Name Game

April 17, 2020

Happy Friday! Today we are learning a fun game with Alex. She will teach you how to play the Name Game that will help you spell your name. To make it fun for the whole family, you can practice spelling your family members’ or classmates’ names! Name Game Video   Materials Needed:  Envelope (or a…

Week of the Young Child: Artsy Thursday

April 16, 2020

Happy Artsy Thursday! Today is all about the importance of open-ended art and creativity. Art helps develop social skills and fine-motor skills, while providing an opportunity to make their own choices, use their imaginations and use their hands to create something new. Here are some ideas for open-ended art projects: Write and illustrate a book…

Sorting with Katie

April 15, 2020

Thanks for joining us again for Learning at Home with Durham PreK! Today, we have a quick lesson about sorting, counting and describing categories. Head over to our Instagram for a walk through and some examples! Sorting Video   This video includes: Sorting Legos by shape, counting the number of categories and counting the number…

Week of the Young Child: Family Friday

April 15, 2020

Happy Family Friday! Today is all about celebrating families’ role in their children’s learning and development. Learning begins at birth, making families children’s first and most important teachers. We as early childhood educators and supporters of the field applaud the hard work, nurturing and engagement of our Durham PreK families. Here are some ideas for…

Week of the Young Child: Work Together Wednesday

April 15, 2020

Happy Work Together Wednesday! Work Together Wednesday is all about building and exploring together to discover early math and science concepts and develop early literacy and social skills. Here are some ideas you can share with you families, or come up with your own! Build a fort with all the pillows and blankets you can…

Week of the Young Child: Tasty Tuesday

April 14, 2020

Happy Tasty Tuesday! Today is all about learning about cooking and baking, math skills in the kitchen and working together to create something delicious! You can use one of our ideas below or come up with one of your own: Invite your child to help you cook or prepare a meal Ask your child to…

Durham PreK Scrap Challenge

April 13, 2020

Durham PreK Home Arts & Crafts Challenge! Hello Durham County Families and Community! To view the Instagram TV instructional video, click the button below. Instructional video We have started an arts & crafts challenge called the Scrap Challenge. Below is a list of items you may find in your house and we challenge you to…