Arts & Crafts

November 30, 2020

Children typically do one of two things at the art station: open-ended or teacher-guided art. Both encourage imagination, coordination, and expression through art.

Open-Ended Art

Open-ended art allows children to choose their materials and create something entirely from their imagination. Allowing children to choose how to express themselves encourages them to explore their own interests, practice coordination, and be creative. Using items like paper towel rolls, card board boxes, q-tips, and more can also encourage creativity by teaching children how to find new uses for ordinary things.

Teacher-Guided Art

Teacher-guided art is often related to a story read in class or part of a larger lesson. For example, when your child's class reads "10 Black Dots" by Donald Crews, the teacher may lead them in an art project creating their own picture from 10 black dots. This type of activity still helps develop coordination and creativity skills, but also includes lessons on following instructions, making connections to a book or lesson, and sharing materials with classmates.